Sports Psychology Consultants

Sports psychology is a multi-disciplinary science that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance, health, and well-being of athletes. It also addresses issues related to developmental and social aspects of sports participation and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. It draws from multiple related fields such as biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology.

Our team of sports psychology consultants works with athletes and related sports participants in an array of settings. Our team is experienced at various levels of competition, and ages, ranging from recreational youth participants to professional and Olympic athletes to college-level performers. We also provide intervention, education, and training to coaches, parents, and organizational leaders.

Sports Psychology Consultants offer the following services:

  • Initial consultation and program development
  • One on one sessions for athletes, coaches and parents
  • Sports specific neurofeedback training
  • Performance analysis and video review
  • Psychological and neuropsychological assessment of athletes
  • Winning in the workplace series
  • Speaking and workshops

Common topics in skills training for performance enhancement:

  • Goal setting and performance planning
  • Attentional and focus training
  • Performance anxiety
  • Motivation and execution
  • Learning and memory
  • Self-confidence and personal identity
  • Self-esteem and competence in sports
  • Self-regulation techniques
  • Emotion management
  • Sportsmanship and leadership skills

Counseling and clinical interventions:

  • Eating disorders and weight management
  • Substance abuse; grief, depression
  • Loss and suicide
  • Over-training and burnout
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Aggression and violence
  • Athletic injury and rehabilitation
  • Career transitions and identity crises

Consultation, Education and Training

  • Concussion management, prevention, and education
  • Athletes in the classroom
  • Team building and organizational strategies
  • Leadership training
  • Interventions with parents and families involved in youth sports participation
  • Education of coaches regarding motivation
  • Interpersonal skills, relationships, and team development
  • Regarding early identification and prevention of psychological difficulties

For further information regarding a Sports Psychology Consultation or services, please call (732) 920-3434. You may work with one or several of our sports psychology consultants depending on your needs, or you may choose the specific practitioner you wish to work with based upon their area of expertise.

Media requests and interviews should be directed to the office coordinator at (732) 920-3434.

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